Tom Bailey, Executive Director
tom (at)

Denise Silver, Accounting & Member Services | Fair Assistant
denise (at)

Faye Harper, Executive Secretary & Curatorial Assistant | Standards & Demonstrators
faye (at)

Nikki Josheff, Curator of Collections and Exhibitions
nikki (at)

Deb Schillo, Librarian & Archivist | Special Events
library (at)

Hannah Barry, Director of PR & Technology
hannah (at)

Donna Kull, Director of Marketing & Development
donna (at)

Ina Brown, Receptionist & Volunteer Coordinator
receptionist (at)

Keith Brown, Maintenance

Sandie Bishop & Julie Bakes, Folk Art Center Gallery Managers

JoAnne Hewatt & Judy Dillingham, Biltmore Village Gallery Managers

Laura Spreitzer, Tunnel Road Gallery Manager

Ellen Schaller, Moses Cone Manor Gallery Manager