New Members Show, “Solid Roots”

As August folds into September, new artists of the Southern Highland Craft Guild will have their work exhibited in the Folk Art Center’s Main Gallery. This biannual show features twenty-two members who have been accepted into the Guild since 2013. Ranging from ceramic sculpture to felted wall-hangings, “Solid Roots” displays the Guild’s tradition and support of fine craftsmanship for 85 years. The exhibition will run through January 17, 2016.

Jenny Mastin_Water Maiden

Jenny Mastin’s ceramic sculpture, “Water Maiden.”

The Guild currently boasts over 900 artists within its 293 counties (from Maryland to Alabama) of the Southern Highlands. The membership application process, involving two rounds of jury, begins with image submissions, followed by presentation of objects. Jenny Mastin of Morganton, NC was accepted in 2013 under the medium of Clay and is showing her piece Water Maiden. “Clay anchors me to the earth, but sends me other places. It informs my sense of the world. It fires my imagination in a way no other material can,” Mastin says.

Along with work by new members, are pieces from the Guild’s Permanent Collection, honoring each decade since its inception. Hand-thrown stoneware and contemporary figures are highlights that represent the strength of the clay community found throughout the Southern Highlands. Members such as Cynthia Bringle, Christopher Rummé, Herb Cohen and Ed Brinkman are a few of these iconic artists.

"Go With the Flow" by Tracey McCracken Palmer.

“Go With the Flow” by Tracey McCracken Palmer.

Communities of craftsmen and craftswomen are at the heart of what births such effervescent talent. “Solid Roots” is a testament to the bounty of creativity that continues to thrive in communities within and beyond Asheville.

Exhibition Participants

  • Linda Azar
  • Dorothy Baker
  • JohnFrank Brannon
  • Alan Carter
  • Erin Castellan
  • Lorraine Cathey
  • Karen Collis
  • Joni Davis
  • Rachelle Davis
  • Robin Ford
  • Bridget Fox
  • Ursula Goebels-Ellis
  • Nancy Graham
  • Erin Keane
  • Jenny Mastin
  • Brenna McBroom
  • Tracey Palmer
  • Diana Pittis
  • Joey Sheehan
  • Kim Thompson
  • Alan "Doc" Welty
  • Hayden Wilson