The Committees of the Guild are comprised of Guild members and others and do the detail work and research for the Board in specific areas.  Some committees, such as the Fair Committee and Educational Program Committee, provide volunteers to assist in the production of events and programs under the direction of staff.

Annual Meeting Committee

Janet Taylor, Chair + Board Rep
Mary Dashiell
Karen Donde
Diana Gillispie
Sue Grier
Erin Janow
Cara May
Denise Silver, Staff Rep
Tom Bailey, Staff Rep
Hannah Barry, Staff Rep

Collections Committee

Betsy Morrill, Chair (2012-2017)
June Hillyer (Member Emeritus)
Barbara Miller (2008-2016)
Ray Jones (2011-2016)
Tommye Scanlin (2008-2016)
Janice Maddox (2016)
York Haverkamp, Board Rep
Nikki Josheff, Staff Rep
Deb Schillo, Staff Rep

Educational Program Committee

Mary Nichols, Chair (2015-2017)
David Alberts (2015-2017)
Pat Bauman (2007-2012) (2015-2017)
David Crandall (2012-2017)
Valerie Berlage (2017)
Paula Bowers Hotvedt (2015-2017)
Ronnie McMahan (2015-2017)
Susan Taylor (2016-2017)
Peter Werner (2012-2017)
Lee Entrekin (2017)
Marjorie Warren (2017)
Lynn Jenkins, Board Rep
Nikki Josheff, Staff Rep
Deb Schillo, Staff Rep

Fair Committee

Ruthie Cohen, Chair (2014)
Hayley Davison (2013)
Shirl Parmentier (2015)
Kim Adams (2016)
Brant Barnes (2016)
Laurey-Faye Dean (2016)
Jude Stuecker (2016)
Jennifer Jenkins (2017)
Jason Janow (2017)
Jenny Mastin (2017)
Brian Wurst, Board Rep
Tom Bailey, Staff Rep
Denise Silver, Staff Rep
Hannah Barry, Staff Rep

Finance Committee

Jim Gentry, Chair (2006)
Sammy Fong (2012)
Bill Collison (2014)
Greg Magruder (2016)
Jen Swearington (2015)
Harriet Smith, Board Rep
Tom Bailey, Staff Rep

Membership Committee

Connie Brown, Chair (2015-2017)
Tom Bauman (2012-2017)
David Grant (2013-2018)
David Datwyler (2012-2017)
Elise Delfield (2013-2018)
Lynne Harrill (2012-2017)
Ray Byram (2015-2017)
Nancy Graham (2016-2018)
Sue Grier, Board Rep
Denise Silver, Staff Rep

Mary Timmer, Chair (2011-2013)
Lee Entrekin (2011-2013)
Bernie Rowell (2016)

Nominating Committee

Tom Bauman, Chair
Douglas Atchley
Greg Magruder
Mary Dashiell
Bernie Rowell
Lynn Jenkins, Board Rep
Denise Silver, Staff Rep

Standards Committee

Blair White, Chair (2013-2015) (2016-)
Ray Jones (2013-2015)
David Scott (2017)
Judy Simmons (2016)
Karen Newgard (2015)
Phillip Nolley (2015)
Jen Swearington (2015)
Michael Hatch, Board Rep
Faye Harper, Staff Rep
Tom Bailey, Staff Rep

Robert Vengoechea (2016)
Rikki Taylor (2016)

Marketing & Development Committee

Teresa Brittain, Chair (2015-2018)
Sam Johnson (2014-2019)
Susan McDonough (2016-2019)
Zan Barnes (2017-2020)
Clint Struthers (2017-202)
Ken Hall (2017-2021)
Cindi Becker Lemkau (2017-2020)
Lorraine Cathey, Board Rep
Tom Bailey, Staff Rep
Hannah Barry, Staff Rep

Strategic Planning Committee

Gary Clontz
Mary Dashiell, Board Rep
Sue Grier
Alan Hollar
Lynn Jenkins
Susan Marie Phipps
Harriet Smith
Janet Taylor
Brian Wurst
Tom Bailey, Staff Rep
Sara Bensman, Facilitator