Steven Forbes-deSoule

Steven Forbes-deSoule

Media: Clay

143 David Biddle Trail Weaverville, NC 28787
(828) 645-9065

Steven Forbes-deSoule has been focusing on raku pottery exclusively for over 28 years and during that time has created a style which is genuinely distinct. His work has been featured in books and magazines and has been represented by galleries and museums nationwide.  He has a solo exhibition at the Burroughs-Chapin Art Museum in Myrtle Beach, SC until March 20, 2011.

About the Pottery

American raku pottery is a unique and magical form of pottery where the glowing hot vessel or sculpture is pulled from the kiln and placed in combustibles in a metal container. The can is then covered, smothering the flames. The results are always serendipitous and the pieces are truly one of a kind! Philosophically, I am using ceramic art as a means to achieve a balance between conscious control and the more subtle, unconscious or universal forces that permeate our reality. Creating forms on the wheel successfully, requires a high degree of control. As the pieces move toward completion, however, this control over them becomes less conscious and more spontaneous. The raku firing is the ultimate test of achieving this balance, when my relationship with the pottery is caught in an intimate embrace between conscious action and the strong, yet subtle forces of the fire and smoke. Change and growth are important aspects of the direction of my work. I believe that it should be fun to make pots, and that playfulness is a key to releasing creative potential. Exploring new forms and refining old ones, along with a what if I try this attitude in dealing with the glazes and surfaces, keeps my work moving and evolving.

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