Patti Quinn Hill

Media: Fiber

6 Jump Cove Road Weaverville, NC 28787

Color is what grabs me!! I love it!! Color inspiration comes from many avenues such as nature, textiles, ethnic prints, contemporary weaving and even clothing I see people wearing.

Simple forms like market and tote baskets, baskets with hand turned wooden bases, and Shaker baskets, that are totally traditional and very technical, have all guided me on my journey as a basketmaker. My work has it's own spirit and grace and is based on traditional structure, with a contemporary spin-off from Shaker influence. Working in the medium of archival paper allows me to explore and have fun with technique, structure, color and detail. My baskets have a continuous flow, and the uplifted feet give them a light perky feeling. The curl embellishments add texture and an added dimension, which I find interesting and intriguing. As you walk around a piece, the "eyes" follow you, and the piece seems to be dancing. The round global shape appeals to me, and as I shape a basket, I try to achieve a feeling of lightness and movement having no straight lines on the form. Color combinations make it fun to weave my vessels. Basketmaking is meditative, relaxing, and has a rhythm that I find pleasurable. My greatest pleasure in the process is to sit back and view my finished work, and enjoy the thought of sharing a part of myself with the world that will endure long after I am gone

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