Joan Bazzel

The Bazzel Workshop

Media: Jewelry, Metal, Mixed Media

Franklin, NC
1 (828) 524-9972    

Salutations to all those interested in handmade objects. I've been a maker for almost 3 decades, the third in the wondrous world of the Western North Carolina Mountains, where nature's art is resplendent all around me

I live in inspiration, I love in colour, and I work in vitreous (glass) enamels and various stones, metals, found objects and delightful doodads. Enamel, the art of fusing glass to metal under extreme heat, is the perfect medium for me; it speaks in colour and it's durable enough to couple with the elements. The art of enameling has been with humanity for millennia. The earliest known are 6 Cyprian gold-enameled rings dated from the 13th century B.C., but your stove is probably enameled too, so enamel's versatility makes it useful for the most precious of objects, to the most mundane. I find it an entertaining challenge to work from both perspectives, particularly when combined. For a more thorough explanation of how I arrived at this place in time and state of mind, log onto my personal web-site and visit my Bio page:

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