Vickie C. Vipperman

Vickie Vipperman Weaving Studio

Media: Fiber

Kingston Springs, TN

My goal as a weaver is to weave what machines cannot… to capture a sense of time and place, color and texture… and to create fabrics with spirit, heart and maybe even a glimpse of magic.

Weaving functional fabrics and contemporary art in my home studio in middle Tennessee I create: * Clothing and accessories to enhance your wardrobe—shawls, scarves, vests, and jackets from silk, cotton, and sometimes metallic threads. * One of a kind wall hangings for your home or business—Colorful, impressionist landscapes, and mixed media quilts with verbal messages.


Dyeing begins with a process related to the ancient art of “ikat.” White yarns are sequenced and stretched on a table, and then designs are carefully dye-painted onto the unwoven yarns. Sometimes two separate designs are woven together to create a single image.


For me weaving is a metaphor for life —a sometimes simple, sometimes complex process combining separate, individual strands into a new and coherent whole… A journey, a process, a creation made colorful and interesting by our diversity, made strong by our interconnectedness. visit my website at or

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