Aaron Yakim & Cynthia Taylor

White Oak Baskets

Media: Fiber

2605 Cypress St. Parkersburg, WV 26101

Aaron Yakim and Cynthia Taylor create refined rib baskets and split baskets directly from the white oak tree using hand tools, continuing a heritage craft of the central and southern Appalachian mountain region. The skill lies in finding suitable basket timber, creating the basket materials, as well as designing and weaving the baskets.

Aaron and Cynthia have each developed individual interpretations of traditional basket styles of the region. Each basket is one-of-a-kind, signed, numbered and dated. In their words..... "Through our basketmaking we express our love of the natural beauty, rich culture, and deep traditions of the mountains. We are drawn to the simplicity and functionality of the old baskets and find an inner peace in our daily lives as we split, whittle and weave the wood into its finished form." Please visit our Image Gallery to see more of our work & exhibition history.

Recent Honors: In 2015 Aaron Yakim and Cynthia Taylor were honored by the National Basketry Organization with a Lifetime Achievement Award. http://www.nationalbasketry.org

In 2011 Aaron Yakim was recognized as United States Artists Ford Fellow (Crafts and Traditional Arts) See http://www.usafellows.org/

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