Hank Goodman

Hank Goodman Stoneware

Media: Clay

18 Rockwood Lane Arden, NC 28704-9704
Ph/FAX 828.687.7959

Recycling large amounts of wood ash collected from families who heat with wood gives Goodman's stoneware the subdued and sensuous wood ash glazes that are its trademark.

"Wood warms twice" is a popular expression in the densely forested western North Carolina mountains, referring to the warmth generated in the chopping and burning of wood. But through Hank Goodman's distinctive wood ash glazes, wood warms a third time in their lasting beauty.

Somewhere between the distinctive glazes and graceful forms of Hank Goodman Stoneware lies another layer, one you sense more than see, This is where individual artistry comes alive, drawing on subtle yet strong influences from centuries of art history, decades of family tradition, and years of personal experience. Hints of historical Oriental and Western vessels show up in each vase and bottle, teapot and sculpture. An appreciation for the lush landscape of the western North Carolina mountains is expressed in the natural tones of the ash glazes. And the importance of family, education, and travel lend shape to the work as surely as Hank's own skiled hands.

Like all good art, it has taken a lifetime to develop Hank Goodman Stoneware, starting years ago on the family farm in northwest Iowa. Hank grew up working with his hands, guided by a mother who loved crafts and provided him with many oportunities to create objects in clay and other media. In his senior year at Buena Vista University at Storm Lake, Iowa, he was drawn to the potter's wheel and the centering of clay. After graduating with an Art Education degree in 1972 and three years later with an MFA in ceramics from the University of Iowa, he returned to the family farm to set up his first studio.

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