Martine House

Martine House - Fabric Art

Media: Fiber

3580 River Road Columbus, NC 28722
(828) 894 5139

I use embroidery, quilting, beading and various mixed-media techniques to achieve unique textures on my often-three dimensional pieces.

Creating things of beauty is my way of dealing with the violence present everywhere in the world and with my fears about the future. I work with fabrics because they are a sensual medium that can be touched as well as seen. They allow me to create different textures and the addition of other materials such as fibers, beads, and feathers brings another level of feelings and sensuality. My work has always been detailed and intricate but it has evolved during the last few years as I became intrigued by the concept of turning fabrics into three-dimensional objects. I do enjoy making each piece so that there is more to it than what you can see at first glance. I invite you to visit my personal website to see more images of my work.

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