Douglas Lacher

Media: Wood

PO Box 2448 Blowing Rock, NC 28605

Doug Lacher creates his unique lamps, sconces, and sculpture from solid hardwood and from hardwood veneer selected for grain pattern, color tone, and translucence. His original technique and organic, bent wood forms are combined to create finely wrought furnishings that radiate a warm, dramatic glow.  In addition he creates turned vessels and clocks from Southern Appalachian hardwoods.

I believe that wood grain is one of most beautiful of the naturally occurring phenomena. Like a gem stone, the beauty is only revealed once it has been worked by the human hand. I believe working wood appeals to me because the end result is partly the form and function I have imparted to it and partly the texture, color, and grain that nature gave to the raw material. This is a creative partnership in one sense and a set of constraints in another. I believe a hand wrought work is enhanced by an element of tension. Even though a piece may look to be completely static, when it is built in a manner where one component is pushing against or pulling on another, a tension is created and with it a grace and a feeling of being somehow alive. The interplay of these beliefs has culminated in these works that I began very tentatively over 25 years ago.

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