Theodore Lawshe

Media: Wood

Mills River, NC

Ted Lawshe has been making marquetry pictures since 2002. His friend and mentor, Clyde Badger, got him started and has guided his work along the way.

Ted has always had an interest in art and has been a woodworker all his adult life. Marquetry provides an opportunity to combine those interests.  A few years ago he first saw some marquetry pieces at the Folk Art Center outside Asheville, North Carolina. Determined to find out how marquetry pieces were created, he eventually found an instructor, Clyde Badger, who would teach him some of the complicated procedures involved in cutting, mounting and finishing a picture.  After a few years making simple pictures, learning new techniques, and lots of practice, he was accepted into the Guild in 2007.  Ted has pieces of his work in a few galleries around North Carolina,  He is a member of the Western North Carolina Marquetry Group, The Marquetarians of the Carolinas, and the American Marquetry Society as well as the Guild.  He received a Community Choice Award in the National Marquetry Show held in Colorado in 2013.

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