Kathie Roig

Media: Fiber

64 Houston Street Asheville, NC 28801

As a young girl, I remember finding patterns in the quilt my grandmother made, catching tadpoles in the creek, and climbing trees to read a favorite book. I still pay attention to detail and pattern, have a sense of wonder, and enjoy the solitude of my studio.

I started weaving in 1980 after my husband gave me a small table loom as a wedding present. Nearly 30 years later I’m still weaving, although I no longer work on that table loom. I weave on several different looms now, including a Swedish drawloom, which allows me to create original woven designs.


Even though I have enjoyed (and still do enjoy) weaving items that are functional for everyday use (kitchen towels, baby bibs, placemats, tote bags and scarves), I have also looked for a way to express myself through the craft of weaving. This search has led me to the creation of weavings that have indeed been an expression of my life at that time and place. Over the years I have woven pieces that were inspired from children’s books that I read to my son when he was a child. Later I wove a series of pieces showing my concern for the environment. After 9/11, I needed to express how I was feeling and wove “no one told the leaves”.


Now, current weavings reflect my new home in the mountains of western North Carolina, a place where weaving traditions are strong and the mountains are ever present. Here I am not only surrounded by the beauty of the mountains but also a community of other very talented craftspeople.


Currently my work can be found at my home studio in Asheville, NC; Oaks Gallery in Dillsboro, NC; The Bascom, Highlands, NC; Textures Gallery, Waynesville, NC; The Art House, Atlanta, GA; Ginko Gallery and Studio, Oberlin, OH.


Permanent installations include: North Carolina Cancer Center, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, “Mountain View, Four Seasons” St. Bonaventure University, café, St. Bonaventure, New York, “LaVerna, Italy” , as well as private residences.


Please contact me if you have any questions or want more information about me, my work, or the classes I teach.

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