Maggie Jones

Turtle Island Pottery Maggie and Freeman Jones

Media: Clay

SHOW ROOM: 2782 Bat Cave Road Old Fort, NC 28762

The Materials are what attract and inspire me. I envision lava flowing, crystals growing and flowers blooming. Earth, air, fire and water... minerals reacting with one another like when the earth was being formed.

Since 1980 Maggie Jones and her husband, Freeman Jones, have operated Turtle Island Pottery, which has solely supported the family, while raising two children. The functional stoneware pottery was designed for efficiency in production. The oxidized white, tin opacified glaze was a good background for the brushed decoration and provided a pleasing, functional surface for use. This ware with blue flowers, green and yellow accents, is still in high demand.

 Since the year 2000, Maggie has developed a new style, technique and form of Art Pottery that has captured the interest of the American Art Pottery Collector. These new works are organically shaped and inspired from the works of the Art Nouveau style and Arts and Crafts Movement and by names like Martin Brothers, George Ohr, Teco, Grueby, Tiffany and Amphora. Most of the pieces are started on the wheel and then stretched from the inside in stages. Sculptural details are applied.Glazes used are a multitude of commercially prepared glazes, along with her own formulas, giving her a full palette of colors and textures to decorate with.

"...It is as easy to judge my productions from four pieces as it would be to take four lines from Shakespeare and guess the rest...” G.E.O.

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