Bill & Tina Collison

Wood Art

Media: Wood

PO Box 310 Unicoi, TN 37692-0310

Turned and Embellished Wood Art.  Bill creates natural edged and thin-walled woodturnings. Tina creates the surface embellishments and piercing designs, elevating craft into art.  We will be demonstrating at The Folk Art Center during 2016; please contact us for dates.

From Bill’s early days in his father’s workshop and Tina’s interest in decoy carving, they both viewed wood as strong, solid, substantial, and lasting…all great qualities as a medium for artwork. Unlike hanging art, wood is warm and tactile; it yearns to be lifted up, held, rubbed and touched. Wood is three-dimensional and natural, not manufactured, so each species and each piece has its own unique signature.


We do not harvest trees. Trees downed by storms, age, disease, or in the path of progress, provide us with a constant supply of raw material. Bill turns burls, natural edged bowls and platters for Tina, who creates the surface embellishments by carving, piercing, burning and coloring designs on the turned pieces, thus moving the work from high quality craft into art.


We both enjoy reading mystery novels as a leisure pursuit. Wood has that mysterious quality as a medium that fuels our interests as artists. Many times its true beauty is hidden deep inside, only revealed when opened to the world and worked upon by the two of us.  Unlike a potter who can rework a design or a flaw in their work, the mysterious quality of working with wood on the lathe is a one-way process where disappointments or errors in design are usually fatal and final.


Solving the mystery of the medium is what provides pleasure and inspiration for us as artists. We experience great enjoyment creating work which, in its finished form, results in wonder from others. To us, each piece is a new mystery to be solved and solving that mystery is the driving force of our work.   

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