Teena E. Tuenge


Media: Fiber

Candler, NC

Weaving has been an abiding interest in my life for more than 40 years There are few things that I have done continuously for a longer time.

The math of it, the art of it, the color combinations, the rhythm of the weaving, the excitement of seeing a design realized and the cloth feeling good to the touch---all of it appeals to me as the steps in the process follow one another.

Conception, work out the weave, choose the yarns and colors, make the loom ready, weave the cloth. These are the steps.

New ideas are gestating in my mind and I am getting ready for the next project as I weave this one to completion. It is a circle from conception to creation.

Making something new, maybe similar, but different, one idea leading on to another, it was the endless possibilities that attracted me, that I would not come to the end of the possible variations.

It is something I will always be able to do with new delight.

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