Cara May

Cara May Knits

Media: Fiber

Asheville, NC

I have always admired fashion and art that was off-kilter somehow or “flawed” in a technical sense.  I feel an intense aesthetic kinship with the Japanese concept of Wabi Sabi and cultivate a Wabi Sabi knitting practice.  Instead of forcing a piece, the natural yarns and unique fibers speak and develop almost on their own.  My creations are then born with enchanting elements of happenstance in celebration of the tangled, aching beauty of natural flaws and imperfections.  This makes the piece a sheer, primitive treasure to wear – subtle, earthy & unpretentious.

I persisted in bugging my mom to teach me to knit when I was 9 years old (back in the 70's, way before it was cool). Knitting has fascinated me, frustrated me to tears, and provided me with comfort & joy ever since. Developing this craft into my livelihood has been a winding road.  For many years I was drawn to and made clothing but always rejected pursuing this professionally, as I did not feel I should devote much time pursuing something as frivolous and fleeting as fashion.  I studied journalism at the University of Georgia and minored in art.  Some of the young women in my dorm would often good-naturedly tease me for staying in and knitting on weekend nights!  I continued to knit for pleasure and ignored the aching voice that begged me to make garments as I worked at various “professional” jobs, became a wife & mother and helped my husband to grow his business.  As I grow older & come to my senses, I realize that beauty and artistic expression are a vital part of our lives.  True beauty, as in nature, touches our souls in rare and magical ways and transforms us and our world.  It is essential to our very cores.  I quit my day job in 2010, and began to take baby steps into the world of art to wear.

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