Erin Keane

Erin Keane Studio

Media: Paper

Candler, NC



Erin Keane is an encaustic artist and bookbinder who is smitten with beeswax and bindings. Her handbound journals feature original encaustic artwork on the covers, distinctive sewing, and hand-torn pages.

I have been smitten with encaustic and bookbinding for many years.

They were separate entities in my creative life — the art and the craft, the experimental and the meditative — and I craved a convergence, a meeting of the minds. Hence my encaustic journals were born.


Since childhood I've cherished and coveted blank books. Although I keep diaries, sketchbooks, and visual journals, I am also an artist who wants to honor the blank book for what it is. A work of art bound with exquisite stitchery. A conversation piece. A vessel full of untapped possibilities.


I have an affinity towards beautiful natural places and comfortable home spaces, and often construct intuitive landscapes and interiors. I aim to convey a feeling of hushing and holding, of peace and tranquility, and of awe with our surrounding beauty.


Erin studied art at Miami University in Ohio where she graduated with an M.A. in Art Education. She moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains after college and taught art at Brevard Middle School for twelve years. She is now a full-time artist and instructor in encaustic, bookbinding, and journaling.

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