Phil & Terri Mayhew

Media: Clay, Jewelry

Beersheba Springs, TN

Beersheba Springs is a magical place, perched on the edge of the East Tennessee's Cumberland Plateau, blessed with Waterfalls and a muse that sings

Our primary export is harmony, captured and frozen forever in colorful porcelain of our own design and creation. These crystalline statements may take many forms, ranging from jewelry to dinnerware, all to spread visual music from your personal adornment to your morning coffee. Each piece of Beersheba "QUARTZWARE" Porcelain is completely hand-made, fired in our home-made kiln to cone 16 (2718 degrees Fahrenheit), is dishwasher-safe, oven-proof, and absolutely LEAD-FREE. We might add that only the most pure, positive and powerful of vibrations, thaumaturgical procedures and aids, and original harmonic compositions are used in the manufacturing process. Beersheba Porcelain is a most judicious and aesthetic blend of these four: Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

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