Gary Beecham & Mary Lynn White

Beecham-White Glass

Media: Glass

1781 Altapass Highway Spruce Pine, NC 28777

Gary and Mary Lynn met at a party thrown by Billy and Katie Bernstein in the early 80’s.  At the time, Gary assisted his former teacher Harvey Littleton in his studio in blowing and cutting.  Mary Lynn was an apprentice to weaver Bobby Wells.  Mary Lynn had a BA in English with concentration in art and horticulture.  She pieced a living together in Celo doing accounting and fiber arts before taking up with Gary and glass.  Gary had a BS in art and a minor in “how can I make a living in glass?”  He worked days for Harvey  and nights making his own work. 


Known for decades by his signature thick-walled crystal vessels with fused color overlay imagery, he began to transition to fused glass sculptures in the mid-90’s after receiving a NC Arts Council Grant.   Today he continues to work in the realm of fused and cut glass.  Gary taught at Penland, Pinchuck and Corning earlier in his career.


Mary Lynn and Gary work together collaboratively on blown vessels with painted enamel designs and   creating the canes (glass rods) that she uses in her fused glass jewelry.   They share a studio while gardening, cooking and beekeeping in Spruce Pine with their dog Zoey.   Friends marvel that they have worked this closely for thirty years without killing each other. 

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