Sandra S. Rowland

Media: Fiber

77 Harper Rd. Murphy, NC 28906

Do you have a favorite memory? Can I show you one of mine? Can you be engaged in a story I'll begin and you make your own by exploring a textile with your eyes, hands, emotions, thoughts, and experiences?

Do colors-lines-shapes-embellishments-textures-shiny things—make you glad ? Good! Me, too. My style is maximalist (everything goes) for one-of-a-kind bed and wall quilts. I also like a story to be included somehow. I see life and art as crammed with things I like. My work has a lot of layers, so you want to keep looking at it to find new things. It also has a lot of laughs. Nothing is so important that you can't laugh about it. My last series of quilts was 13 pieces titled “Mystery”, and my current series is about seedheads in their gardens.

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