Molly Sharp

Media: Jewelry

P. O. Box 735 Flat Rock, NC

Defining herself as a jeweler has been a process which started in England in the mid seventies. Now Molly lives and works in the glorious mountains of Western North Carolina where she incorporates nature into her work.

Molly's journey into jewelry making began in England almost thirty years ago. When she returned to the States with her two small children in tow after being gone for ten years, she continued to develop her skills by studying with some of the countries most renowned jewelers. Her style evolved into a reflection of her own experiences as a woman and her love for the materials. Using sterling silver and gold, each piece is fabricated entirely from sheet and wire. She creates patterns on the metal by drawing on brass plates with paint pens, acid etching the plates, then transferring these patterns onto the metal by passing them through a rolling mill. Molly is a collector of tiny, smooth pebbles and incorporates these unaltered stones into her work. They are fund in a variety of locations including Scotland, England, the Outer Banks, California, Lake Superior, Alaska, Glacier National Forest and the coast of Maine. To her, the natural beauty and feel of these pebbles is just as exquisite as the precious stones traditionally used in jewelry. Molly currently lives in the mountains of Western North Carolina with her husband, potter David Voorhees. David built their working studios on their land and they opened a gallery in 1996 in Flat Rock called Hand in Hand Gallery.

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