Betsy Gray

Tanners Creek

Media: Clay

60 Garland Drive Asheville, NC 28804
828 712-0101

I have been drawn to all kinds of handmade pots ever since I can remember. When I pick up a pot I always wonder about the hands that made it and the marks they left. It feels to me like having a conversation with a stranger, who in most cases I will never know. And so I make pots that want to be held and used, to be a part of your everyday life.

I have had many teachers over the years, looked at pots here at home, in Europe, and especially in Japan, where I was invited to make pots for six weeks in 2002. I work in porcelain, painting the surfaces with slips and underglazes. My work is, I think, a reflection and personal interpretation of all those teachers and all those pots I have loved. My work is dishwasher and microwave safe and contains no lead glazes.

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