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Willowsong Design

Media: Fiber, Jewelry

PO Box 452 Asheville, NC 28802


A late summer vacation in Santa Fe is the inspiration for a new tapestry collection. They are my vivid and fond memories of a varied and exciting landscape. I hope you enjoy these impressions.



All new work includes 24k gold beads.

Pieces are sold separately.

Please contact me with inquiries.

Special orders from all collections welcomed.



Willow began designing and creating ceremonial art and beaded adornments in 1990. After a career in advertising, design and print reproduction, she studied the art of beadweaving with two Native American teachers. This was the birth of a passion for designing with beads. Willow creates distinctive and elegant wearable art including one-of-a-kind neckpieces, bracelets, earrings and pins. Her work is characterized by colorful and graceful sculptured beadwork interwoven with natural semi-precious stones. Her pieces feature gold seed beads with Peruvian opals, turquoise, amethyst, lapis, jade, and always a piece of polished abalone or pearls to bring a reflective brilliance to each piece. The organic look of her work has been described as water flowing over stones in a mountain stream. 


Willow's beadweaving can be seen in Masters: Beadweaving published by Lark Books

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