Kay Bonitz

Shimmer and Shine

Media: Fiber

Hendersonville, NC


If it's round and shiny, square and shiny, flat and shiny or just shiny, then I will love it, and use it to make something. I am most satisfied if my finished piece moves. Light and motion are some of the positive elements that give me creative energy.

My facination with beads began with a collection of Victorian beaded handbags. I bought bags that needed repair, and searched for loose vintage beads to make those repairs. Soon, the beads themselves became more exciting than the handbags. Now I most often buy beads because I love the color, the weight or the surface, not because I need them for some specific project. My current work uses a beading technique called peyote stitch, which produces a sound but flexible weave. Peyote stitch commonly used today is done in the hands, without a loom, so it is portable. I have spent many hours beading in airports and while waiting at the roadside for my husband to take a photograph. Although I have enjoyed many workshops in many diciplines at many craft centers, I have learned beading from personal research and experimentation.

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