Tracey McCracken Palmer

Bonnieblink Studio

Media: Fiber

Clyde, NC

Using a felting needle for my paintbrush and dyed wool as my pigment, I create landscapes and wildlife using both wet and needle felting techniques. Starting with layers of dyed wool where I've basically blocked in my scene, I wet felt, then add more details with needle felting after it dries. I feel my background in painting helps create depth in my felting, turning wool fibers into fine art.

I am inspired by nature, pure and simple! I’m constantly saying, “I bet I can felt that!” whenever I see a beautiful sunset or clouds passing over the mountains where I live. The changing of seasons and weather each hold their own magic, and are a constant source for my creativity. I’ve painted mainly in acrylics for most of my life, then in 2013 I discovered the art of making felt, which has opened up a whole new path of inspiration and passion for me. Creating landscapes in felt is a unique art, and after learning the basic technique I’ve developed my own style. At a distance they resemble soft pastel or watercolor, but on closer inspection you can see the texture of the fibers, and realize it is made entirely of wool. I also use tussah silk in my felted waterfalls, which creates wonderful motion in the water.  

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