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Laura Gaskin
I paint with stitches. For inspiration, I need only look out my window. The Blue Ridge view fascinates me as...
Cap Jar

Cap Jar

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Focus Gallery Exhibitions

Making An Impression: February 1 - April 29












"Making An Impression" features Enid Adams (fiber), Peggy DeBell (mixed media), Ursula Goebels-Ellis (clay), Janice Maddox (fiber), and Emily Tuttle (paper). work shown: Ursula Goebels-Ellis

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Piecing It Together: May 3 - July 29

"Piecing It Together" features David Beyer (wood), Leo Monahan (paper), Betsy Morrill (fiber), Janice MacDonald (mixed media), Ann Vorus Parkhurst (fiber), Jenny Lou Sherburne (clay). work shown: Leo Monahan

Into the Fire: August 2 - October 28

"Into the Fire" features Jim charneski (jewelry), Fyreglas Studio (glass), Jan Kransberger (mixed media), Alex Matisse (clay), Rose Tripoli Mueller (clay), Laura Sims (fiber). work shown: Jan Kransberger

Beyond Textures: November 1 - February 3

"Beyond Textures" features Joan Berner (fiber), Chery Cratty (paper), Robin Ford (fiber), Terry Gess (clay), Carmen Grier (fiber), Jon Arsenault (clay).