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Aaron Yakim & Cynthia Taylor / White Oak Baskets
Aaron Yakim and Cynthia Taylor create refined rib baskets and split baskets directly from the white oak tree using hand...
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Main Gallery Exhibitions

Eyecatchers: The Hunter Collection, Jan. 18 - May 11

Eyecatchers: The Hunter Collection, January 18 - May 11, 2014, From the collection of Robert & Barbara Hunter, this exhibition highlights a variety of designs, fabrics and techniques found in traditional and contemporary quilts. (work shown: Inge Mardal, Steen Hougs)  


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Haywood Graduate Show, May 17 - Sept. 14

This exhibition showcases the talent of recent graduates of Haywood Community College's Professional Crafts Department. work shown: Dana Claire


It IS a Small World, Sept. 20, 2014 - Jan. 18, 2015

Invitational exhibition featuring members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild. work shown: Ann Vorus Parkhurst