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Brandy Clements

 Brandy Clements & Hobie’s Porch Chair Caning,

NOW OFFERING CHAIR CANING CLASSES in our studio in the River Arts District!          


A family tradition since 1890:  Chair Caning is in my blood…I am a 4th generation chair caner, a skill passed down through the women in my family. Hobie is both my grandpa and my dad. Grandma Ida learned caning from her mother. My Aunt Linda upheld the tradition & taught me cane, rush, & splint weaves at Chair Repair Boot Camp in 2005. 

When I returned to Charleston, I got my first job rushing 30+ chairs for Kasper’s Diner & began working with local furniture companies.  I worked on amazing antiques, including a 1940’s wheelchair, & I also fixed the chairs in the 5 star Charleston Place Hotel’s Palmetto Café

Since moving to Asheville, I’ve worked with individual clients & furniture repair shops.  I was honored to be Artist in Residence at the Grove Arcade Arts & Heritage Gallery in 2008.  This wonderful opportunity inspired me to move beyond repairs to creating vibrantly dyed splint weaves, & learning new ways of weaving cane.  

Hobie’s Porch Chair Caning soon got too big for my porch and my house, and now resides on Planet Art in the River Arts District, where I do both caning & picture framing.  By fixing (saving!) an old chair, we are preserving a piece of history & conserving valuable resources in a disposable world.  I love the before & after shots of chairs I’ve saved from a dusty boring attic corner.  I am genuinely proud to continue the tradition by offering chair caning classes in my studio, new in 2012!

Brandy Clements                                                   

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