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Harriet Smith
Many of my friends thought I was crazy!  Leave a steady job to build clay vessels?  Give yourself the chance...
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Sue Grier


It is said that the work one makes comes out of the way one lives life. I look toward simplicity, color and playfulness—combined with a traditional approach to working with clay—as a way of expression. My work primarily begins from wheel-thrown forms. I enjoy the energy this gives to clay and through a wide variety of altering techniques and the combining of forms, the work I create are pieces which have three dimensional interest, gesture and animation. These present a situation for interpretation by the viewer. As a ceramic artist, I find it is also important to keep originality and creativity in my work. Exploring new ideas and one-of-a kind pieces allows for this. Just as the gradual swirl up the side of a mug causes a natural resting place for your hand, the intriguing combination of altered forms will cause you to pause and smile.

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