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Susan Sorrell / Creative Chick Studios
Susan R. Sorrell has always had a wild imagination growing up. Traveling all over the world with her fathers job,...
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Ursula Goebels-Ellis


I hand-build forms out of clay. This main ingredient, the "dirt of this earth",  might find itself imprinted with shells from the oceans, inlaid with volcanic rocks, pierced by bullets or by clinkers from a friend's forge. The creative process spans techniques from deliberately selecting material, design and firing technique to produce a somewhat predictable product, to forming intuitively what is felt at a deeper level and begs to be expressed. All creations are narratives, telling metaphorical tales


"...simple clay is transformed,

and something new is called

to stand out

into existence

like a planet newly born." 

excerptes from a poem written for the artist by Steward Walker


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