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Karen Collis / Shuck Dolls by Karen
  Born and raised in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of western North Carolina, I have 200 years of mountain heritage teeming...
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Toy Grader

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JJ Brown & Simona Rosasco

Husband and wife, JJ and Simona, live in the mountains of Western North Carolina where they own and operate Fyreglas Studio. Working together they create both decorative and functional kilnformed glass art.  Starting with an extensive palette of sheet glass, much of their work begins by creating designs and then kilncasting “pattern bars” in a wide variety of color combinations and sizes. These bars are cut, using a wet diamond saw, into slices or strips.  The slices & strips are then incorporated into flat panels and are fired in the kiln a second time. Some of the flat panels are then fired a third time into molds creating functional pieces such as plates and bowls.

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