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Robin Ford / Robin Original
Batik is my medium.  Natural patterns are what inspire my paintings....
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Amolia Willowsong


Island Lei Collection


"The lei is a reflection of oneness

From this loving land,

     an adornment for you."

-Pualani Kanaka'ole Kanahele

This new collection is inspired by lei worn in the Hawaiian islands, each lei meaningfully composed of clusters of native plants and flowers. Used as offerings to Gods or loved ones, they are worn in ritual and dance. Many lei featured are "Lei Papahi", displaying alternating flowers and leaves in a repetitive design.


Pictured are my first endeavors to create, in likeness and feeling, miniature versions of these beautiful adornments of Hawaiian culture. As I wear them, I am surprised and delighted by their graceful feel.


Mahalo to Anuhea Meyers, who passed on the beading bug to me many years ago. Her laughter and grace come through her beadwork as well as her hula.


A lovely reference for lei and Hawaiian culture is Na Lei Makamae by McDonald and Weissich which inspired the Island Lei Collection.

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