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Andrew R. Costine / ARC Woodworking
I combine figured burls with geometric shapes.I believe this elevates the natural edge material....


108 Trailview Dr
Abingdon, VA

Margaret Gregg

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Media: Fiber

My art is my journey. My journey is my art.

I experiment with various techniques to liven up the process of concept and design. There's always more to learn and it's all about relationships – cosmic, communal, ecological and more. That journey hopefully goes into questions and presence about how we all are here and now. I like to work with remnants because they carry stories. I am often inspired by the transformation which takes place in the cloth, used and new. Art as life is often about relationships: a never ending journey which allows me to weave, piece, print and layer the fiber of life into art. I live and work in an 1869 grist mill on Little Limestone Creek in East Tennessee . Being there has opened me to the strong spirit and challenging power of nature. To learn more about my work visit my website,