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Billy Ray Sims
Traditional Appalachian hand-split white oak baskets are the focus of Billy Ray's craft. But he also creates baskets of New...


P. O. Box 184
Brasstown, NC 28902

Joseph Miller

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Media: Metal

I have been a self-employed artist-blacksmith for 20 years. Beginning in 1983 I took five two week blacksmith class at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown , NC . I was so sure that blacksmithing was what I wanted to do that I built a shop before taking my first class.

I am a self taught artist, my work is influenced in large measure by nature. My designs are also influenced by images which appear in my mind unbidden. I love the process of taking the cold mechanical shapes of steel bars and sheets, and by heating and forging, forcing the material to take on the warmth and sensuality found in nature. I make many of the items associated with blacksmithing I.E. fireplace tools and screens, andirons, candleholders, chandeliers and other lighting, as well as architectural ironwork, furniture and sculpture. I have exhibited my work in competitions art fairs, galleries and other exhibitions throughout the Midwest and Southeast. I have worked with architects, landscape architects, interior designers, individuals and businesses. My wife and I have lived in the mountains near Brasstown, since 1989. My studio is in Brasstown…visitors are welcome by appointment. Commissions accepted.