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Douglas Lacher
Doug Lacher creates his unique lamps, sconces, and sculpture from solid hardwood and from hardwood veneer selected for grain pattern,...


PO Box 18433
Barnardsville, NC 28814
(828) 281-4951

Michele Alexander

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Media: Jewelry

My challenge is to create jewelry that will be worn again and again. I strive for an understated intricacy and elegance that will continue to keep the wearer interested year after year. Each piece is made individually with great care for quality of workmanship and wearability.

The mixed metal jewelry is primarily sterling with 18k gold/sterling bimetal, copper and hand-selected gemstones. I chose "something wonderful in precious metals" as part of my logo over 14 years ago when I first took the plunge into the art world as a full-time career and striving to live up to my logo continues to feed my soul. It would be difficult to create and not be influenced by one's surroundings and in this respect I couldn't ask for more. The mountains of western North Carolina have a rich arts and crafts heritage. The natural beauty nurtures creativity and personal expression. The people are diverse, open and friendly. This bestows a certain degree of freedom to create from within. Over the years I have taken many workshops from well-known and wonderful instructors who have provided me the technical skills necessary for me to create in a style which is uniquely my own.