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Mary Frances Reymann / Threadlines
My central focus is the manipulation of the fabric plane: removing fabric from its ordinary realm of reference as garment,...
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Gill L. Morgan

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Media: Fiber

Mountain Rug Mills is a unique rug making company still carrying on the art of making handmade hooked rugs as practiced by many of our pioneers. Hand hooked rugs and Early American braided rugs have been a favorite for many years, and it remains the same today. Established in 1952, we are proud that time honored techniques are still being used.

Our custom hand hooked rugs are designed to reflect the tastes and interests of the client. Ideas for designs for custom rugs come from many sources, a motif from a drapery fabric, a picture of a pet or the beauty of our Blue Ridge Mountains . Mountain Rug Mills is also licensed to reproduce a collection of rugs on exhibit in the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. Our rugs are heirlooms, to be passed down in the family for generations; therefore it is imperative that only the best fibers are used. Our rugs are constructed of 100% Virgin New Zealand wool yarns. A richer color, as well as a great deal of durability is obtained from wool. Nothing beats the quality of wool. Mountain Rug Mills has its own dye house. Therefore, in addition to our 100 standard colors, custom colors can be dyed.