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Elizabeth Ann Garlington / Elizabeth Garlington Art
As the first-born child of a very Southern, old Atlanta family, Elizabeth Garlington grew up surrounded by artists in a...


Flat Rock, NC

Lynne G. Harrill

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Mountain Creek Studio

Media: Fiber

My love of color and fabric began at an early age. My father taught me to use a sewing machine when I was eight years old.

In general, I express my ideas abstractly through color and shape. Quilted fabric panels lend themselves well as a medium to express abstract ideas. Inspiration comes from music, poetry, nature and the human experience. Most recently my work has fallen into three categories, represented by the Heat Waves Series, the Redux Series, and the Nature Series. In the Heat Waves Series, I have been exploring the concepts of heat and light. These quilts are sewn improvisationally with slightly curved seams using my hand dyed fabrics. By contrast, the Redux Series are quilts that are very loosely based on traditional quilt patterns. Most of these use my hand dyed fabrics, but some use a combination of commercial and hand dyed fabrics. Like traditional quilts, repetition and variation are emphasized. Finally, the Nature Series are abstract works using the colors of nature as inspiration.