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Hank Goodman / Hank Goodman Stoneware
Recycling large amounts of wood ash collected from families who heat with wood gives Goodman's stoneware the subdued and sensuous...


Eleven Foothills Drive
Asheville, NC 28804-9699

Allison Dennis

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Media: Fiber

"After almost 30 years as a professional craftsperson I am still intrigued by the possibility of combining modern technology with ancient processes, whether hand-woven, fulled, felted, surface decorated or surface altered.” “I am interested in creating unique fabrics that bear the mark of the hand. I trust that the fabrics I create have worth and merit in their own right, regardless of whether they are worn on the body, hang on a wall or are draped across a chair.” “I am seeking to recreate the ancient association of textiles with the special events in life which may prove to be just the knowledge that one is exactly where one should be”

Allison came to the US in 1982, with a Degree in Woven Textile Design from her native Wales. Since then she has taken every opportunity to expand her knowledge of all aspects of textile production and often incorporates primitive and highly sophisticated technologies in her work. These processes are layered one on top of the other, revealing as much as they conceal. The resulting textiles invite exploration and interaction from the wearer. Her work has been exhibited in Europe and throughout the United States including the Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show, the American Craft Exposition, the Baltimore Craft Show as well as American Craft Council Shows in San Francisco, Atlanta, West Springfield and St. Paul. Her work is in many collections including Trans Financial Bank and Fonda Inc.In addition to Carolina Designer Craftsmen, Allison is also an exhibiting member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and Piedmont Craftsmen Inc. She maintains a studio in her home in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina