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Pamela C. Zimmerman
Traditional Appalachian Mountain memories of work and play individually re-created by hand into sculptures of cornshuck and wood....


Candler, NC 28805

Kathy Spencer

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Media: Fiber

I LOVE color! And I LOVE fabric! So it is predictable that color is the focus of my original designs. My quilts are inspired by nature, personal insights, and by observing the work of other artists. I find myself challenged to express my ideas in fiber. I use a variety of colors and types of decorative thread for machine quilting, and this may be my favorite part of the process. I also enjoy working with clients on commissions.

When I was in 7th grade I received a "C" in Art. This was pretty disheartening, so I directed my education toward the sciences, eventually receiving a graduate degree in Nursing. But I grew up with a mother and grandmothers who sewed. From them, I learned the satisfaction of creating, working with my hands, and making something unique. After taking a quilting class in 1978, I was hooked. I continued to sew clothing, but gave up all other fiber crafts to concentrate on developing my technical skills and design proficiency. Color remains an important focus of my design, and I continue to explore new techniques which help me to express my ideas visually in fiber. My work honors the women in my family who taught me to love fabric, to believe I can "make" anything, and to push myself toward excellence.