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Ronald McMahan
Ronnie McMahan is a woodcarver from Black Mountain, NC. He has been carving since 1979 and became a member of...


Asheville, NC

Marsha van Rijssen

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Marsha Elliott Designs

Media: Jewelry

I have been called a squirrel by fellow hikers. I love foraging for unique twigs, nuts, and leaves in perfect autumn color. For years I stashed them away, in anticipation of the right medium.

While an undergraduate at the University of Georgia, I explored all realms of the art department and found a home in jewelry design and metalwork. For four weeks I worked passionately designing and fabricating a leaf pin. When the piece was finished, I knew jewelry design was the nest for all my collected natural wonders. After graduating I apprenticed with Wendy Walker in Los Angeles. During this time I set up a home studio and developed the “Marsha Elliott Designs” line of leaf jewelry. Response was immediately encouraging and my venture into the world of art festivals and galleries has been a great success. Now a new member of the “Southern Highland Craft Guild”, my work is available at the Guild's Allanstand Craft Shop, Guild Crafts, and Parkway Craft Center, as well as John C. Campbell Craft Shop, Twigs and Leaves Gallery and Grovewood Gallery.