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Sue Grier / Contemporary Clay Vessels
ARTIST STATEMENT It is said that the work one makes comes out of the way one lives life. I look toward...


Tryon, NC

Brian Fireman

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Brian Fireman Woodworking

Media: Wood

Brian Fireman is a furniture designer specializing in hand-crafted contemporary furniture. Formal education in both geology and architecture, fascination with wood as an organic material, and a passion for the creative process of designing and building have all contributed to the development of his work. Travels to Nepal, India, and South America have all profoundly influenced his furniture designs. His work is very process oriented, where the individual qualities of wood, such as color, texture, and grain direction are used to influence the final form a given piece might take. His awareness of the tectonic nature of building in which form becomes a reflection of structure and forces, invest his furniture with a sculptural quality. Brian’s work has been exhibited nationally and published in a variety of magazines. He works from his studio in Tryon, North Carolina.