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Susan Ellen Jones
My artwork is made of layers of hand-dyed silk, linen and cotton. Shibori techniques create surface pattern, while machine quilting...


Clyde, NC

Becky Lloyd

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Media: Clay

We collaborate on this work. As husband and wife, the work says as much about our relationship as it does our influences and inspirations. We discuss and plan our vessels, but we also leave one  another to explore and create intuitively. The hope is to combine one potters' keen interest in developing compelling form on the potters wheel,  with another potters' desire to create surface design that embodies intricacy, beauty and precision.

The process is sgrafitto decoration on fine English porcelain.  The techique of sgraffito is an age old process used by the potters of the Song Dynasty, and the architects of sixteenth century Prague.  For our work,  a thin layer of black terra sigilatta is removed to expose the pure white porcelain beneath. Sharp metal tools are used cut and scratch this black coating prior to the vessel being fired to vitrification.