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Charles & Sheryl Donaldson / Cephas Designs
While traveling the continents of the world conducting field studies of various cultures' arts and crafts, I had the opportunity...


Russellville, TN

David Moore

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Media: Wood

In 2000, I began the hobby of woodcarving which quickly grew into a passion of mine.

My favorite type of woodcarving involves using what is known as "found wood." This is wood from dead trees where each piece is totally unique, making each carving truly one of a kind. These carvings require much imagination and are enjoyable challenges to me as an artist. I have had the privilege of studying with many accomplished woodcarvers including Rick Jensen, Vic Hood, Billy Reynolds, and Carole Jean Boyd. I also enjoy carving custom fireplace mantels. The movement I try to convey in my bark pieces has helped me achieve the flow and free-form feel of my mantels. I hope you enjoy viewing these woodcarvings and consider making one of them a part of your home.