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Carla & Greg Filippelli / Cranberry Creek
Greg and Carla Filippelli developed a free form style of weaving called random weave in the 1980's. Today their...


Clarkesville, GA

Pat Williams

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Media: Fiber

Tapestry: it's what I love to do and I weave just about every day for hours.

Weaving whimsical and introspective images in the tapestry medium when they could well be painted begs the question: Why choose this slow and meticulous medium? The answer is in the viewing of the work in person. There is a textural depth and richness Williams hasn't experienced in any other medium. The analogy to life with the intertwining of warp and weft mirrors the mix of landscape, humans and other animals, spirit, crisis, and the inevitability of the inevitable. A specialty is interpretive portraits available through commissions. Her award-winning work has been shown nationally and internationally. Visit Pat's website for more information.