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Chery Cratty
"Paper begins as wet, gooey PULP - and I PAINT with it!" I create realistic paintings filled with light, vibrant colors,...


Charlotte, TN

Paula Bowers Hotvedt

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Paula Bowers Hotvedt Studio

Media: Fiber

   Paula lives in the country west of Nashville, Tennessee, with her seven dogs and a cat. She  built her studio behind her home which houses a dying studio, 3 looms, a sewing area and a dedicated area for her practice of yoga.The studio has a large front porch overlooking a waterfall pond which she also built over a period of 3 years. Her bloodhounds laze on the porch paying scant attention to her weaving / dying activities.

   Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Paula has become acclimated to Middle Tennessee with its moderate climate -- the longer growing season allows her to indulge her passion for gardening.  Now, if only we could move the Atlantic Ocean to one of Tennesseeʼs borders!

   Paula began exhibiting seriously in 2000 and has steadily gained regional and national recognition for her art. She has been involved in The Best of Tennessee Craft Artists exhibitions in 2004 and 2010, 2012 and 2013, the American Craft Councilʼs Regional Spotlight Exhibitions,and the Judy Chicago Project at Vanderbilt University. In 2009 she received an Individual Artist Fellowship in Craft from the Tennessee Arts Commission and was a NICHE Award Finalist in the category of Fiber-Wearables for 2010 and a NICHE Award Winner in Fiber-Wovens for 2011. One of her most cherished honors was being invited to become a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild in Asheville, NC in 2008.