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Theodore Lawshe
Ted Lawshe has been making marquetry pictures since 2002. His friend and mentor, Clyde Badger, got him started and has...
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Bill & Tina Collison

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Wood Art

Media: Wood

Turned and Embellished Wood Art.  Bill creates natural edged and thin-walled woodturnings. Tina creates the surface embellishments and piercing designs, elevating craft into art.  Check back for the dates that we will be demonstrating at The Parkway Craft Center and at The Folk Art Center in 2014

Bill and Tina Collison create unique and appealing designs, using local and exotic wood species. Bill's interest and knowledge of woodworking stems from his childhood. Actually he was pressed into service holding the long ends of countless boards by his hobbyist father while other kids were headed for the ballfield. Little did he know that he would someday become engrossed in artistic design, with wood as his chosen medium. He works with burls and creates natural edged bowls, and thin-walled turnings for his wife's work. Tina's interest began with bird carving classes. The convergence of carving and woodturning was natural and inevitable. She creates the surface embellishments and piercing designs on Bill's thinly turned bowls and platters, elevating craft into art.


The Platter below entitled REFLECTIONS was accepted by the jury for the American Association of Woodturners (AAW) A Walk in the Woods exhibition. The Exhibition will be on display at the 2012 AAW National Symposium from June 7-11 and then travel to the AAW Gallery of Wood Art in St.Paul, MN for September-December 2012.  This is our first national juried exhibition.