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Elynn Bernstein / Amano Studios
Embryonic in the world of fiber, yet still traveling on the road of creating art.   I design my one-of-a-kind wet felted...

Asheville, NC

Patte Vanden Berg

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Media: Fiber

One of a Kind

Recycled Natural Fiber Garments


Recently described as a "frugal environmentalist," I have to admit that I do love nature and am greatly inspired by my surroundings.  The beautiful colors and vibrant textures that surround us all are never too far outside of my notice as I navigate through any given day.

With a seamstress mother it was only natural for me to continue the sewing tradition instilled in my life from roots even before my own beginning.  My palette is rich and varied.  Often it is surprising to me what I can find in the world of discarded and forsaken fabrics to play my small role in the act of recycling.


Featured in VERVE Magazine