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Jan Lee / The Pottery Shop
I have loved clay since finding it in a creek near my home as a child and rolling it into...


Hartford, TN

Robin Ford

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Robin Original

Media: Fiber

Batik is my medium.  Natural patterns are what inspire my paintings.

For 35 years I have worked almost exclusively in batik painting.  There is something about painting with wax, and adding colors one at a time by dyeing, that intrigues me still.

I think batik is a very natural medium because wax ages with each succeeding color, plus, each color adds to the colors that come before it.  Natural light works very much in this way to, as spectrum light is a combination of all colors.  Mainly working with primaries, I get a clean, rainbow like palette that I have never found in other mediums. I have found patience and peace in my years of work with this artform, my hope is to bring joy to others too.