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Saturday, June 7, 2014


Wheel Throwing Demo at Folk Art Center's Clay Day
David Grant demonstrates wheel throwing at at recent Clay Day

Horse Hair Raku Demo at Clay Day at the Folk Art Center
Horse Hair Raku Demo at Clay Day
Clay Day visitor decorates a pot for the Raku Firing at Clay Day
Decorating pots for Raku Firing at Clay Day 


Celebrate Clay Day at the Blue Ridge Parkway’s Folk Art Center on June 7 from 10am to 4pm.  This free event features craft demonstrations and hands-on activities for children and adults.

Clay Day has been a favorite happening at the Folk Art Center for over 20 years.  Members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild and invited guests demonstrate throwing on the potter's wheel, hand building, and surface design on clay, among other techniques. 

A highlight of the day is the “Make-and-Take” Raku Firing.  Buy a $10 pot, glaze it, and watch as expert potters, Lynn Jenkins, Gary Clontz, and Steven Forbes-deSoule, raku fire it for you.  Raku is a ceramic firing process which uses fire and smoke to create unique patterns and designs.  SHCG members Jan Morris and Sandra Rowland will host a children’s table where kids will be invited to play with clay and make something to take home.  Clay for demonstrations has been generously donated by Highwater Clays of Asheville, NC.

While at the Folk Art Center, visitors will have the opportunity to visit Allanstand Craft Shop, the Eastern National bookstore and Blue Ridge Parkway information desk, as well as three exhibition galleries.  Outside the Folk Art Center, there are hiking trails, picnic tables, grassy areas for a picnic and free parking.

Participating Artists from last year (2013):

Steven Forbes de Soule, raku

Gary Clontz, raku

Lynn Jenkins, raku

Jan Lee, raku

Cindy Billingsley, collorborative sculpture

Ann Gleason, sculpture

Rose Mueller, sculpture

Rodney Leftwich, folk pottery

Becky & Steve Lloyd, wheel throwing and sgrafitto on porcelain

Janice MacDonald, mixed media figures

Hugh Bailey, folk pottery

Haywood Community College, wheel throwing

Odyssey Center for Ceramic Arts, wheel throwing and surface design