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Susan B. Taylor / From the Heart Baskets
I was first taught basketry by my mother, Mae Taylor. Her forte is ribbed baskets and Nantucket-style baskets. ...
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Special Events

Guild Artists' Holiday Sale

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Saturday, December 6, 2014, 10am - 4pm
Saturday, December 13, 2014, 10am - 4pm

Join us for the Guild Artists’ Holiday Sale at the Folk Art Center on December 6 and 13.  Members of the Southern Highland Craft Guild will be on hand in the center’s auditorium on these two Saturdays to sell select work 10-50% off retail. 


The sale is an excellent opportunity for the artist to liquidate overstocks and 2014 items, try out new techniques, and sell studio seconds.  For the customer, the sale means great deals for holiday shopping and a chance to connect with the craftsperson.  It also provides an exciting, festive alternative to mall and big box import shopping.  Choose from a variety of gift items including ceramics, jewelry, fiber, paper, glass and wood.  Buying from artists supports the local economy and promotes the mission of the Guild which is bringing together the crafts and craftspeople of the Southern Highlands for the benefit of shared resources, education, marketing and conservation.


Over 50 artists will be participating over the course of the two sales, with a different group of artists each weekend – so plan on coming to both for best selection!  


While at the Folk Art Center, visitors can be inspired by three galleries showcasing the work of current Guild members and collections from the Guild’s history.  They can also shop at Allanstand Craft Shop, the nation’s oldest craft gallery, where they will find gifts for everyone on their list. 

December 6, 2014 Participants

Magruder Glass, glass
Ruthie Cohen, jewelry
Friendswood Brooms, natural materials
Tom & Pat Bauman, jewelry
Diana Gillispie, clay
Harriet Smith, polymer clay
Buzz Coren, wood
Debbie Littledeer, paper
Sandra Rowland, fiber
Troy Amastar, clay
Rita deMaintenon, fiber
Erin Janow, clay
Hank Goodman, clay
Batton Clayworks, clay
Laurel Horton, fiber
I & K Leathergoods, leather
Tyrone & Julie Larson, clay
Rebecca Owen, fiber
Cat Jarosz, clay
Kathleen Weir-West, fiber
K4 Glassart, glass
Judy Simmons, fiber
Steven Forbes-deSoule, clay
Cheryl Hevrdeys, glass
York Haverkamp, clay
Thomas Reardon/Kathleen Doyle, jewelry
Hamilton Williams, clay
Julie Merrill, jewelry
Janet Taylor, fiber
Larry Allen, clay
John Turner, clay






December 13, 2014 Participants

Judy Brater, clay
Patricia Collins, jewelry
Jeff McKinley, glass
Marc Tickle, kaleidoscopes
Teena Tuenge, fiber
Gretchen Wurth, fiber
Loretta Forde, glass
David Wilson, glass
Laurey-Faye Long, clay
Doug Dacey, clay
Michael Rutkowsky, clay
Joseph Waldroup, wood
Rhanna Nyman, fiber
Betsy Morrill, fiber
Marion Schlauch, clay
Erin Castellan, fiber
Leslie Owens, fiber
Jen Swearington, fiber
Joy Tanner, clay
Peggy Whitted, fiber
John Gunther, fiber
Marti Mocahbee, glass
Phillip Nolley, glass
Lin Oglesby, fiber
Ted Lawshe, wood
Maud & Austin Boleman, clay
Fatie Atkinson, wood
Bob Brotherton, clay
John Nickerson, glass, clay
Louis & Christine Colombarini, clay
Walt Cottingham, wood
Rob Levin, glass
Chris Kamm, wood
Meghan Bernard, clay
Julia Gaunt, fiber








The Folk Art Center is located at Milepost 382 on the Blue Ridge Parkway in east Asheville.  For more information, call 298-7928.